Emilia Clarke’s SameYou NFT collection

Benefitting the SameYou non-profit focused on treatment for brain injury and stroke recovery.
Featuring an experiential poetic mindscape of digital collectibles that reflect brain injury healing and resilience, physically redeemable items, and unique ownership benefits.


1-of-1 auction on

1 of 1
A Story of Resilience
Auction Completed
Winning Bid 30 ETH
  • What did the NFT feature?

    • An experiential 4K poetic mindscape of brain injury healing with spoken word from Emilia Clarke
    • The Atelier Versace dress worn by Emilia Clarke during the 2016 Emmy’s (only unlocked if biding exceeds $1M USD)
    • A metaverse wearable recreation of the dress
    • Downloadable 4K video and rendered stills from Steven Sebring
    • Sebring Holotower
    • A video call with Deepak Chopra, MD
    • Online 1:1 meditation with Deepak Chopra, MD and a signed copy of his book Metahuman
    • 2-Founders Circle and 5-Mint Pass Seva.Love NFTs which unlock access to NFT giveaways, exclusive experiences and future whitelist spots
  • How can I participate in the auction?

    • Setup a MetaMask wallet and deposit ETH to be ready to bid before the auction starts
    • Go to the NFT on SuperRare and connect your wallet to place a bid or view the NFT after the auction completes

The rest of the NFTs are on nft.seva.love

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
Editions Sold 93
series of 10
Branches of Resilience
Limited Edition
Minimum Bid: 1 ETH
series of 10
Resilience in Motion
Auction Upcoming
Minimum Bid: 1 ETH
  • What did the NFTs feature?

    • Restoration features and open edition NFT with a downloadable 4K rendering and loopable meditation tone audio file, along with Seva.Love community access to a private NFT gated discord channel and exclusive events
    • Branches of Resilience features 10 unique 4K renderings accompanied by a redeemable Emilia Clarke signed print of the art, access to a group meditation with Deepak Chopra and other Seva.Love community perks
    • Resilience in Motion features 10 unique images and a 4K video capture from Sebring Studios proprietary 360° capture technology, along with a 20” x 24” framed photograph signed by Steven Sebring, and other Seva.Love community perks
  • How can I view the NFTs?

About SameYou

SameYou is committed to developing better recovery treatment for survivors of brain injury and stroke. You will likely know someone with a brain injury at some point, and they may not receive the care they need. That’s where SameYou comes in to help.

Founded by Emilia Clarke who survived two life-threatening brain hemorrhages while working on Game of Thrones. Emilia decided to share her story and uplift the stories of brain injury survivors everywhere by advocating for better recovery treatment and expanded access to care.

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A quote from Deepak’s Methuman book:

“While participating in the everyday world, it isn’t possible to see beyond the illusion.
Going beyond is needed
Which is why the shift to metahuman is needed.”
– Deepak Chopra

Join us on our journey to use NFTs, web3 and the metaverse as a force for good.

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