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Dropping 11/30 on Giving Tuesday

Emilia Clarke’s SameYou NFT Collection for Good

Emilia Clarke’s charity, SameYou, demands better brain injury recovery. The series illustrates the experiential journey of healing from brain injury trauma to recovery.

Your purchase of NFTs from this collection will benefit SameYou’s core mission of helping survivors while raising awareness about Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

ABI is primarily made up of stroke, brain tumour and traumatic brain injury (where sudden trauma to the brain is caused by external force such as a fall, sports concussion or road traffic accident).

Emilia Clarke
Auction Starts: Tue. 11/30
  • What will the SameYou NFT drop feature?

    • 4K video renders and spoken word from Emilia Clarke focused on brain-injury healing created in partnership with the creative team at Pholio
    • The one-of-a-kind physical chainmail Atelier Versace dress Emilia Clarke debuted at the 68th Emmy Awards in 2016 when she was nominated for best supporting actress for her role in Game of Thrones
    • A digital metaverse recreation of the dress that can be displayed and worn by one’s avatar in the metaverse of their choice
    • 2D, 3D and hologram artwork created by award-winning photographer Steven Sebring through his proprietary Pure Reality capture process
    • Signed physical artwork and Game of Thrones collectibles from the queen of dragons herself
    • Proceeds from this NFT will be used to fund brain injury recovery at Emilia Clarkes’s SameYou non-profit
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NFTs for Good

We will continue to launch NFT collections focused on empowering social and environmental initiatives.


Empowering community members is at the core of Seva.Love’s mission. Through metaverse and IRL experiences Seva.Love aims to inspire action to create a better world.

  • DCentral Miami
  • Art Basel
  • More events and ongoing virtual experiences like meditations with Deepak Chopra


We are building an NFT and metaverse platform with leading industry partners built on the carbon negative Hedera Hashgraph to support our vision for a sustainable future where the metaverse is a tool for community empowerment. Key roadmap focus areas are:

  • Metaverse land acquisition and experience development
  • ETH-Hedera NFT bridge integration
  • Marketplace interoperability and functionality enhancements
  • Hedera and ETH External wallet integration

Our Purpose

We aim to empower global action

By connecting artists, philanthropists, brands, and change makers alike we aim to build community around causes that matter to benefit society for generations to come.

By using the metaverse and web3 for good

We help those looking to do good offer NFTs as digital collectibles and utility access tokens to promote long lasting and positive change, while working to bring wellness and mindfulness to the metaverse.

While prioritizing sustainability

Although NFTs require energy, our platform’s core marketplace uses the carbon neutral Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger technology (aka “blockchain”), with multi-chain interoperability starting with ETH NFTs and offsetting carbon capture credits as a short term approach to capitalize on the booming market while prioritizing integrations with energy efficient blockchains and directly supporting carbon capture efforts along our roadmap.

Learn more about Hedera’s commitment to sustainability

To help fund social and environmental initiatives

We are a community hub focused on raising awareness and funds to support organizations, individuals and initiatives to collectively help create a better world.

As we strive to impact more than a billion lives

Charitable giving in the United States alone rose by over 5% in 2020 surpassing $470B, yet the ways in which nonprofits raise funds and engage with their community is only starting to embrace the potential of Web 3.0 ecosystems. Working with global thought leaders we aim to help raise awareness and funds for projects that improve the way we live, learn and interact through the metaverse and beyond.

Our Platform

Artists and collectors can curate
collections of unique and inspiring

Community members can build lasting
connections with organizations focused
on social and environmental wellbeing

Worldwide networks of people looking
to help can find causes to support

Artists, organizations and advocates can offer
unique access and redemption rights to real world
and digital collectibles and experiences

Web3 onboarding can support new models
for fundraising and value creation for
organizations and community members alike

Digital and physical assets can be linked
with extended and virtual experiences

Users can easily buy digital collectibles
minted on Hedera and ETH that
support their favorite initiatives

Stay tuned for our first drop on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30th)


Our People

Poonacha Machaiah

Co-founder & CEO

Matai Blacklock

Platform Dev. &

Nelson Diaz

Community Mgmt.

Gabriella Wright

Content &


Artist Engagement


Deepak Chopra, MD


Christian Hasker

Chief Marketing

Yonathan Lapchik

Suku/Infinite World,

Nick Beucher

Development Group

Parul Gujral

Founder, CEO


Organizations In Our Network

If you have an NFT project or cause, contact us about the application process.


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Our next Seva.Love collection will feature exclusive access to insights for transforming wellbeing with renowned author and integrative medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra.

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